Thursday 5th May

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One winning trade today on Cable. A buy for 24 pips out of a 32 pip target. Adding 2.25% to my account.

Trade 36 - GBP/USD - Buy @ 1.6486 -  Closed @ 1.6510 = +24

Cable 5min

This was actually the first time I took a test bar that didn't have volume less than the previous two bars. Seemed to work pretty well. It actually hit what would have been my usual 3% at 1.6518 but i added an extra couple of pips to the initial target to round it off to 1.6520 unfortunately this didn't get hit. I tightened my stop so only missed out on 8 pips in the end. No matter anyway!





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  1. Hey Liam,
    nice trade, apart from I would take a long at the cable, gbp overall is a little weak and the dollar really strong for this week, but it was a good trade. ;)

    I'm thinking is start to comment at the vsa thread at the FF, but not sure yet ...

    see u