Tuesday 10th May

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Had a losing trade to start off the day. I attempted a buy on Cable which at best was up 15pips. My target was 24 pips so at this stage I should have moved my stop to break even. My entry bar wasn't the best either. I think I mentioned in a previous post about looking into taking different types of tests. For instance high volume tests or hidden tests etc. The test I took today was a high volume test closing in the middle. I think the move would've been more sustained had it been a good quality, low volume test.

Trade 37 - GBP/USD - Buy @ 1.6367 -  Closed @ 1.6343 = -24

Cable 5min

I took a different type of test bar on Thursday last week that worked well enough but I think i'm going to stick to taking low volume down bar tests. They're a lot more reliable.

I feel like i'm so close to it all clicking into place. I'm in profit since the start of the year but as I stand i'm still making a few mistakes. In my opinion perhaps i'm not being disciplined enough with my entries and moving stops etc.





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