Friday 27th May

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Finished the week on a high adding a further 1.76% to my account bringing the total to 6.21% gain for the week.

The first trade was taken on a 15min chart a nice narrow spread ND into a trigger number. This actually hit my usual 3% target @ 1.4199 but I decided to leave it run for a while with a tight stop. I got stopped out adding 2% to my account from this trade.

Trade 45 - EUR/USD - Sell @ 1.4240 Closed @ 1.4214 = +26 

Eddie 15min

Trade 46 - EUR/USD - Sell @ 1.42019 Closed @ 1.42044 = -2.5

Saw some more weakness on the 5min chart off another trigger but it didn't move anywhere. Got out with a small loss of 2.5pips. Just as well i got out, because the market turned and headed back up again. Probably off the back of the high volume bars you can see to the right of the arrow. There was a good chance to take a long but I wasn't really paying attention so missed it.

This is the best trading week I've had to date, making my account look a lot healthier. 6.21% added this week. 13.81% since the start of the year.

Enjoy the weekend everyone,





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  1. Congrats, great results.

  2. Thanks very much RJIH!

    Out of interest, how'd you find the blog? Don't think i've seen you comment before

  3. Hey Liam,
    I'm so glad to here your results.
    6.21% just this week is great!

    have a great weekend!

  4. To be honest with you Liam, I do not really remember where I found your blog, as I've been adding a bunch of FX related sources to my Google Reader lately. Wouldn't be surprised if it was from FF, TL, T2W or from some of the other blogs I'm following. Keep it up!