Monday 16th May

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Typical lethargic Monday to start the week, didn't take any trades. For the first half of the day I was looking for shorts on EU but didn't get any entries I liked the look of. Price soon reversed and there was a nice entry on the 15min chart that start the upmove. Bottom reversal followed by a lovely low volume test.

Not much else to report, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday off work as usual so hopefully get back on track.





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  1. Yeah this was the trade of the day for sure, I saw the test but didnt react ( no problem ). I also say in the M15 a breakout of a trendline followed by a NS bear, in the same place as the H1 test :) Both good trade. Lets see today

  2. Hey yes Monday is always a slow day for me too.
    but today we had some great moves, I got some nice vsa trades.

    have a great week of trades