Wednesday 21st March

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I was working the morning shift (and as it turns out the evening shift as well) at job no.2 today. It's a real shame that the best trading days seem to have fallen on the Wednesday over the past few weeks, with me working that shift. Thankfully things are back to normal next week with my usual working hours, for both trading and part time job.

Anyway, two lovely shorts on EU today; 

EU 5min

The first one is another case of volume appearing at a previous volume area. The black dashed line is a 4h fib that i've had on my chart for ages now, since the end of February. I can't remember if i posted about it previously but i've had two 4h fibs on my chart for ages and it's amazing to watch price react around these areas. The first set up was some high volume appearing on the 5min with selling on the following bars, we then printed two ND, either would have suited as an entry.

The second is a retrace again finishing in ultra high volume on an up bar, closing in the middle. Clear supply on this bar and the following bars confirm it. A nice low volume ND prints and this is another good entry.

It's unfortunate that I wasn't around to trade these today but I love them as examples of set ups i'm trying to take on a regular basis.

Back in the chair tomorrow!



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