...and the average week turns into a crap week

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I attempted a long on Oil 15min which I got stopped on within about 10 minutes. I only risked half the usual amount on this with the previous loss in mind.  Which is just as well really.

I thought the test was testing the high of the highest volume zone today. I entered on the high and my stop was just below the low of the test bar. Technically speaking I shouldn't have been stopped out, but I got caught out on the stupid spreads. Which can be a bit large with a spread betting company. Didn't think to allow for that. 

Oil 15min

From +3.4% for the week to -1.15% for the week in the space of a day. Not happy with today and i'm not taking it too well either.



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  1. oil personality is a quick bust to hunt the stops the move lasts less than a minute. I think market manipulators can do it in oil because it doesn't take much to move oil in short term.

  2. Hi Cory,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. I've just posted another entry about this trade. Whilst what you say about manipulators is probably true, I still stand by this trade. It was just poor stop placement that was my undoing. I would take the same trade again.