January and February

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At the start of the year I posted this graph showing my progress for all of last year. Below is a chart showing my progress for 2012 on a weekly basis. Had a nice start but some ultra high volume must've come in at the top of the chart during the 2nd week..... Trading jokes, is that what i've been reduced to?! 

It doesn't make for great viewing but it's still early in the year and i'm finding my feet with regards to the psychological side of trading. Unfortunately my manager is going away for the next three weeks so i'm going to be working most days. Only one morning shift per week so this hopefully won't impact my chart time too much. 

Looking forward to the coming month and tackling the charts head on!



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  1. It will come, you are seeing the trades better and better, with some confidence will come success...

    All in due time.