Tuesday 20th March

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Bit slow with the updates this week. I had to take my phone into the city to get it repaired on Monday so I didn't get up to much trading wise. Yesterday I had several orders set that didn't trigger within two periods, so, per my strategy I closed the orders. Only to see the market not give another signal (for my liking at least) and take off in the direction I wanted.

Anyway, chart below shows two tests. I set a long order on the top of Test 2 but wasn't taken in within two periods. The better entry was probably at Test 1, this was triggered within two bars and there was very little draw down to sit through.

EUR/USD 5min

Short post as I want to get back to the charts. I'm working job no.2 in a couple of hours so I might not get any trades in today (Wednesday) either.



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