Wednesday 4th January

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I'm going to make sure that the following statement is going to be very limited over the coming year; I missed a trade this morning by sleeping in. 

My "getting to bed earlier" thing hasn't really happened so far. I could have easily done it tonight but decided to spend time annotating charts and getting them posted on the blog. I guess that's a valid reason for staying up. At least I wasn't in front of the PS3 all night!

Fib / trigger set up on 5min EU.

First yellow circle is a bounce from yesterday's high with high volume on the way up. Entry would've been the 5min ND (marked with a line) into the 15min fib (orange). The second yellow circle is another nice bounce off the 50% 5min fib (pink).

The chart isn't up to date but you can see where it ended up by looking at your own charts!

EUR/USD 5min



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