Thursday 19th January

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Much the same as yesterday to be honest. Really struggled to get a good "read" of what was happening today. On a couple of occasions I was looking to short and it went the other way in no time. The only conclusion i've come to so far is that the high volume on up bars that I was seeing can be attributed more to absorbing supply and pushing through, sending the market sideways before a further push up. I guess being able to read the chart perfectly every day is a big ask. The last few days I have not found easy.

Anyway, that aside, i've made the decision to turn off Skype, Facebook, forums and all that until the end of the day. Some are clouding judgement, some are distracting and some are just down right annoying. I need a bit more focus in my day, dicking about reading what people are doing for their day isn't getting me anywhere!



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  1. Hey Liam, Ill congratulate you myself for not getting frustrated and forcing a trade.

    Pat yourself on the back as that is very easy to do.