Thursday 5th January

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So I got up on time today to catch the move on EU. Except I didn't actually catch it, I hummed over it for a while and before I knew it (5mins later) it was gone. I think I got too caught up in all the little nuances that come with VSA definitions. The entry was a ND but I considered the spread too wide and decided to leave it.

 EUR/USD 5min

A - highest volume at the time, selling not really confirmed
B - reversal with similar volume to A, selling confirmed, pushing back into the fib area (pink)
C - ND, or perhaps more correct - No buying pressure.

I feel this was a great entry and in fact a trading friend took the same entry when I asked him about it at a later time. Good to know i'm seeing the set ups, just a case of confidence again.

I'm working on the confidence side of things big time, changing my whole attitude. Perhaps a little clichéd to be doing it all at the start of the year with resolutions and all that but there really is no better time. The difference being that i'll assess my goals and aims as an ongoing thing throughout the year instead of addressing them once at the start of the year and ignoring them for the rest of the year.

That's my musing for today.





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