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I've spoken about this area of trading many times during my posts over the past year and it's something I've been thinking about a lot lately. Despite what people (non traders) may think, trading is and can be a really stressful venture. Anyone trader that says that have never felt or experienced any stress is lying! Confidence, calmness, attitude, fear, greed are just of the emotions we deal with on a daily basis. Some more so than others. I'm continually taking steps to improve on these aspects of my trading. It's all well and good being able to read a chart but when it comes to pressing that button a whole host of the above emotions can kick in. 

I've mentioned before that my Dad is a practitioner in both EFT & NLP. I've always had an interest in these methods but never used them to their full potential. I've started working with these tools to improve my overall attitude to money / trading and all related areas. I've read The Secret a couple of times as well as the recent book, The Power. I'm reading these again and applying The Law of Attraction, which is linked to NLP techniques anyway.

An area I don't think i've really mentioned before on here is physical health, more to the point, going to the gym! I joined the gym in May last year and went reasonably consistently over the course of last year, winding down over late November and all of December as I was getting some physio for my back. I absolutely love going to the gym and having a decent session. If i'd had a bad day on the charts or even a good day it was great to head to the gym afterwards. I always come out feeling so much better for doing it. It's this feeling that I'd like to carry into the next day and further apply to trading. I generally eat pretty well but i'm also looking to improve on a few things in this area as well.

I enjoy my trading and chart reading anyway, but that extra boost from being in the gym and studying areas like EFT and NLP will really help to further my trading as a whole.

I'm quite excited about the year ahead and looking forward to it all!





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  1. you might be interested in this software. It flashes subliminal affirmations on your computer while you work. the messages flash so fast that you can't see them, I use it all the time.

  2. I used this in the past but couldn't find an alternative for Mac when I started using that. Back on a PC so I can use this again, thanks for reminding me!