Thursday 6th January

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Took my first trade of the year today, unfortunately this resulted in a loss. There was some high volume on a down bar on Eddie. Looking back there are a few things I did wrong. Probably jumped the gun with the no supply indicator. Should have waited for a bit of an upmove before hand. Not to mention placing my stop on an even number as well.

Here are the screen shots; 



Trade 1 - EUR/USD (Eddie)  Buy @ 1.3029 - Closed @ 1.3000 = -29

Eddie 1hr

Eddie 20min 



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  1. Pretty nice that you trade with VSA.
    I want maybe one they in the future learn VSA and trade just with that. I know some basics concepts.
    I trade FX market too.
    I have a blog that I post many different things about FX:
    I will put you at my blog list to keep a I and how is going your trades with VSA.


  2. Whilst I trade with VSA i didn't use it very well for this trade!

    Thanks for the comment, keep in touch!