Monday 31st January

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Internet troubles for the last few hours so this update is a bit late.

I took two trades today and ended January on a high note. The first trade was a buy on Kiwi which I closed at break even. Unfortunately another case of not trusting myself. It would have hit the profit target. The second trade was a sell on Loony. This was an all night trade. As mentioned above I had a few internet problems so I had to get my Dad to close the trade from elsewhere this morning (Tuesday). Closed for +32 pips out of a 51 pip target. Adding about 1.86% to my account. The set ups were as follows. Screenshots taken Tuesday morning GMT.

Trade 7 - NZD/USD (Kiwi) - Buy @ 0.7705 -  Closed @ 0.7705 = 0

Kiwi 1hr

Kiwi 20min

Trade 8 - USD/CAD (Loony) - Sell @ 1.0013 -  Closed @ 0.9981 = 32 

Loony 1hr

Loony 20min



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