Friday 28th January

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Today was a day of missed trades unfortunately. One because of an upcoming news announcement and the other because I bottled it. Missing the first trade due to an upcoming news announcement (US GDP) was in keeping with my strategy so i'm not too bothered about missing that. Even though it did come good.

The other one is a little annoying as it was my own doubt that got me out of the trade. I even had the order set but I closed it before it had even triggered. My problem was that I was looking at the 5min chart which spooked me a little bit. I saw what I thought looked like test bars and closed the trade before it triggered and took me the wrong way. Unfortunately, my original analysis was correct and it would have been a good trade. The two trades were on Cable and Kiwi respectively. 

Here are the screenshots;

Cable 1hr

Cable 20min

Kiwi 1hr

Kiwi 20min

This aside it was a profitable week and i'm still in the black since starting at the beginning of January. Seeing as the last day of January is a Monday I can't imagine there will be any more trades for this month. It's been an interesting start to the year with this month pretty much being a tester. I've learnt a lot this month and i'm happy with how things have gone to date.

There are a few things I can improve on, for instance trusting my own analysis a bit more, but that confidence will come with more time.

Looking forward to the coming months!





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