Week 17 Charts

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4 trades this week. BE on Monday, loss on Tuesday, win on Thursday and a loss on Friday. Finished the week -0.94%. Yet another BE, from this point forward i'm just going to target a little over 1:1 for my trades and see if this improves. I've had around 13 or 14 break even trades since the start of this account in September. That's quite a lot of money left on the table.

Monday 20th - EU Sell
Went down nicely from the entry signal but just stopped me at BE on a revisit to this area.

Tuesday 21st - EU Sell
I turned 27 on Tuesday, the smart money didn't feel like giving me a birthday present! Not a great trade in retrospect. Shorted into a 50% area and it turned from this point.

Stayed with my girlfriend on Tuesday and didn't take any trades on Wednesday. The clutch decided to go on my car though. So that was nice...

Thursday 23rd - EU Sell
Nice early trade on Thursday morning as it broke the low of an early volume spike.

Friday 24th - EU Buy
Got up about 10mins after another early signal on Friday morning. Entered this long as I thought it was continuing the move. Perhaps chasing the trade I missed in the morning.

-0.28% for the month so far. Only 4 trading days left for this month so hoping to turn it around and at least finish in profit for the month. No chance i'll hit the monthly target so that's my aim for now. Finish in profit.

Have a good weekend everyone.





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