Week 16 Charts

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Getting back into the swing of blogging didn't exactly happen.

I took one trade each day last week. The results were as follows. W, L, L, L, W. Wins on Monday and Friday bookending a crap middle. I finished the week slightly down with -0.4%

EURUSD - Monday 13th
Lucky not to get hit at BE at point 3 but it eventually came down and hit the target.

EURUSD - Tuesday 14th

I really thought this was a good one. I'd take this entry every time. It just didn't work out on this occasion.

EURUSD - Wednesday 15th
I think I was chasing this a bit, there was no signal for a pretty decent push down in the morning so when the direction changed I tried to get in long and it back fired.

EURUSD - Thursday 16th
Tried a 15min short, couldn't have been more wrong. It turned and went 200+ pips from this point to the high on Friday. Back to the 3min charts Liam.

EURUSD - Friday 17th

Got greedy and got lucky on this one. Got greedy in trying to let it run longer then got lucky as it just missed closing out at BE. When it got back to the target area I closed it as I should've done the first time around.

Several lessons all revolving around the same things as usual.

Chasing it.
Not sticking fully to the exit plan.

Stuff that I HAVE to stamp out. For my own sanity if nothing else.



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