Week 15 charts

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I'll get back into the swing of blogging next week, I swear!

Whilst March finished on Tuesday the 31st I then had the rest of that week to trade. I only took one more trade for the week which came on the Wednesday. This trade also finished as a loss. Thursday was flat and I didn't trade Friday as it was a bank holiday and I was flying over to the UK. Last week finished as -2.06%

I was still in the UK until late on Tuesday (7th). Monday this week was also a public holiday so the charts were quiet. I was keeping an eye on the charts on Tuesday but after an early move in the morning it went sideways for a lot of the day.

I grabbed a short on Wednesday (8th) that finished with +1.47%. Yesterday (9th) was also profitable, one trade in morning which finished as a loss and one in the evening that covered the loss and brought me to 0.62% for the day. 

EU Sell - Wednesday (Win)
EU Sell 1 - Thursday (Loss)
EU Sell 2 - Thursday (Win)

Today I took two trades, both of which closed at BE. I'm disappointed with these as it's a lot of money left on the table and would've made the week look even better.

EU Sell 1 - Friday (BE)
EU Sell 2 - Friday (BE)

That's around 12 or 13 BE trades since the start of the year. 12 or 13 trades that were up 1% or had got to 1:1 minimum. I need to find a way to get some money from these. Even if it means just aiming for 1:1 on all my entries. I'm pretty much only scalping after all. All in all, I'm up 2.12% for this week which is my weekly target achieved and then some.

On to next week! 

Have a great weekend.





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