Week 17

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After my positive start to the week I didn't actually do a great deal more. Monday moved a lot more than usual, presenting a nice long opportunity in the evening, but I had already started my shift at my other job so wasn't at the charts at the time. Tuesday didn't present much and I headed up to my girlfriends in the evening, where I stayed until Thursday evening. I was checking in on the charts using my phone and Teamviewer but didn't take any trades. Thursday had a nice short opportunity that i'd like to think I would have taken had I been in front of the charts. I was around yesterday but didn't take anything. A long opportunity in the morning that I made a conscious decision not to take. But it would have come good.

Anyway, wasn't around much this week hence the lack of updates as well. Looking forward to getting back into it next week with my new found confidence. I'll keep working on the techniques I went through with my Dad and building to where I want to be.

Have a good weekend all,





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