Wednesday 18th April

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Frustrated, infuriated and dejected, just some of the words that came to mind throughout today. It's just as well I took some time to gather my thoughts because If i'd attempted to write this earlier it probably wouldn't have ended too well.

Took a long on EUR today, it came within 1 pip of hitting my first target before reversing and stopping me out. I could've closed the first half and forgotten about that 1 pip but for all intent and purposes I thought I was seeing further strength and it would only be a matter of time before hitting my target. Turns out I should've closed or at least brought up my stop as there was good reason for it to stop where it did. 

Not paying attention to the bigger picture unfortunately.

First we have the 15min chart, A, B and C are all very similar volumes from yesterday, all in similar price areas. Yes, i know there are a lot of lines but It makes sense to me at least! The volume that came in at D this morning and the pin bar to follow had me thinking strength. We pushed up a little and I took an entry on the 5min chart.

EUR/USD 15min

This is the one occasion I allow myself to take a long from the low of a fibbed bar, when we've formed a base below and I have a suitable area to place a stop. We printed a No Supply bar into the low and I entered on the high, it was an easy move up before that little upthrust that just missed my target. I left the charts not long after this and left it at that for the day. There was an opportunity to short not long after this, as shown by the ND i've marked. Into the low of D from the 15min chart.

EUR/USD 5min

I need to do a hell of a lot more work on controlling my emotions, i'm far too emotional for this game at the moment and it's really having an effect on me - my health and my trading. I'm getting far too stressed out over what is essentially small details in a very large picture. I really need to address these so I think I may be taking a break for a while. Read up on a few things and get my head in the right place. I'm losing concentration quite easily and it's costing me. Even sitting here now and talking about it i'm not relaxed.

I might post for the rest of the week, i might not.



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