Friday 13th April

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1 missed chance. 2 trades; 1 short, 1 long, -1%. All on EUR/USD.

By my count, the "missed trade" count is at 4 for the week. 4 chances that fit the bill, would have earned good profit but I missed or bottled. Despite not taking them, I find it very promising that these opportunities are there.

To the missed opportunity first. Took the fib and volume from the 15min chart at A. We then printed a ND into the 50% on the 5min chart. This was a great entry and would've netted 1:1 on the first half of the trade at least. It's also worth noting the out of place volume during Asia to the left of the chart. The ND was into the area of this bar as well. 

EUR/USD 5min

EUR/USD 15min

After this missed chance we got another short entry further down, this time on the 15min, I took this one.A ND upthrust into the low of A as well as into the low/close of bar B which pushed down through the low of A. I got taken in within the two period rule but we then pushed up back into the body of A. We didn't get near my stop but I closed out for a small loss and went long based on a 2 bar reversal on the 5min chart. I eventually closed this for BE as it was struggling to break the 50% of A and the previous days zone.

If i'd stuck with my original short and trusted my overall analysis i'd have had a a nice run to the lows but it wasn't to be. Psych getting the better of me again. -3.55% for the week.



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