Tuesday 16th August

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Not a great deal to report from the first two days of this week. A lot of European banks were closed yesterday but EU still managed to trudge along nicely for the day. Didn't managed to get an entry though. Today (Tuesday) was the definition of sideways with the only action coming once Angela Merkel started talking rubbish.

I'm quite a fan of using Point and Figure charts as a secondary analysis to VSA. Recently (the past few months) i've been looking for a way to get PnF charts on my computer instead of doing them by hand.

What. A. Nightmare.

MT4 indicators - rubbish.
Excel spreadsheets - rubbish.
Various online programs like bulls eye broker don't offer forex pnf.

Finally found GFT but they haven't implemented it correctly within their software. I've been in contact with the developers and the programmers. Once i finally got my point across that the charts were wrong they stopped replying. - Rubbish.

Ninjatrader was my latest attempt. They haven't implemented it correctly either. 

Why is it so hard for a company to get Point and Figure charting right? It's one of the oldest charting methods around yet it's ignored. Boils my blood.

If anyone has any recommendations please leave me a message.





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  1. Id love to get P&F for fx, if you find anything good let me know

  2. See the post for Wednesday that i just put up, found something perfect!