Monday 8th August

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Finally some points on the board today! Added just over 2% to my account with a short on Eddie. Considering the distance it went from my entry i'm a little disappointed I closed out when I did. With a bit of balls and unemotional analysis I could be sitting here with a much larger percentage. Nonetheless, that isn't to take away from finally getting a decent trade and a little more confidence under my belt. I'm very happy with my entry and in fact, despite all the "bad news" coming out of the US, this was one of the easiest days i've had reading the charts in a long time. Quite ironic really.

Trade 61 - EUR/USD - Sell @ 1.4336 Closed @ 1.43043 = +31.7

EUR/USD 5min

Hope this makes sense to those of you still reading. 





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