Thursday 11th August

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Took another trade today which ended in a loss. -43 pips on an Eddie buy. Thought i'd identified a valid test. The next bar brought me in but once the test had failed I should have cut my losses. Instead, emotions got the better of me and I watched it continue down and hit my stop. Once the test failed I could have even considered reversing my position. -2.3% for the week so far.
With regards to taking trades, i'm certainly getting back into the swing of things this week. Perhaps need to be a little more patient with my entries and more mindful once I am in the trade.

I'm taking the losses better and better each time, I think I dislike the being wrong part more than the losing money part!

Trade 64 - EUR/USD - Buy @ 1.4198 Closed @ 1.4155 = -43

Eddie 5min



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  1. Hey Liam, long time don't come here to see your trades.
    how are you doing on this crazy market?


  2. Hi Julia,

    It's slow going at the moment, making more mistakes than anything. Still enjoying trading but looking forward to the summer passing and getting into the Autumn / Winter trading!

    Crazy markets is spot on but learning more and more all the time.

    How about you?