Friday 19th August

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Took one trade today that resulted in a win, adding 1.92% to my account. I've been tweaking my strategy as well as working on other strategies with a friend over the past few weeks to this was based on one of those trades. The first bar i've marked as test was my entry. 

I set my buy 2 pips above the high of this bar and my stop a couple of pips below the low of this bar. My original stop loss was 16 pips, risking 1% of my account. Using this strategy and this example, i move to break even once at 16pips profit, then move my stop each time 16pips/1% risk is earned. In this case i actually decided to close out early as I was happy with the profit gained and wanted some feel good factor for the weekend!

Trade 67 - EUR/USD - Buy @ 1.4295 Closed @ 1.43259 = +30.9

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