Wednesday 6th April

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Took another trade today that resulted in a minor gain. I decided to get out early as I thought it had found support and would take it the other way. Whilst it did find temporary support I wouldn't have been stopped out and the initial target would've been hit. If you look towards the right of the chart, the low point (red down bar, wide spread, increase in volume) This bar would've hit my profit target. Not too fussed as it has been a very good week so far. Here's the chart and entry;

Trade 28 - EUR/USD - Sell @ 1.43000 -  Closed @ 1.42994 = +0.6

Eddie 5min

It's important to note that I am aware the overall trend is up on EUR/USD but i'm willing to trade against the trade, especially with these trigger numbers and how effective they're proving to be.

There was also an opportunity on Cable not too long ago but I wasn't looking at the chart so missed it. Chart;

Cable 5min

I probably would've put my stop just below the low of the test and entered on the high. I would've been looking for around 16 - 20 pips depending on how it worked out with my broker. The proposed target hasn't quite been hit at time of writing but i'm sure it will.

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