Tuesday 5th April

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Pleased to say I had another winning trade today, last weeks losses have been wiped out with a little bit gained as well. Another buy on Cable, again for 24 pips.

After the trade triggered I had a few internet cut outs so I had to reboot the program. Unfortunately this caused some of the volume on the bars to be repainted. I entered the trade on Test 2 with my order on the high of the bar. When I placed the order, the volume for this bar was actually less than the previous two. Making it a textbook test. Narrow spread down bar closing on the high with volume less than the previous two. For some reason it had more volume when I rebooted. None the less, the trade came good. 

Trade 27 - GBP/USD - Buy @ 1.6231 -  Closed @ 1.6255 = +24

Cable 5min

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