Thursday 14th April

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Whilst I didn't lose any money today It has admittedly been a little frustrating. I had an order set for a buy on Cable at 1.6326 earlier on today. Then I was reminded of an upcoming news announcement so I closed the order before it triggered. The news announcement had little affect and at time of writing the high is 58 pips from my entry. That would've been nice!

Secondly, I entered a trade on Eddie, a buy @ 1.4422. Price rose and I moved my stop to break even. Unfortunately I got stopped at break even and it proceeded to move upwards for 50 odd pips as well!

Still, i'm up 3% on the week as a whole and there's always tomorrow to come.
Photobucket is still down so I can't post a chart to there at the moment.

Trade 30 - EUR/USD - Buy @ 1.4422 -  Closed @ 1.4422 = 0

Eddie 5min





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