Thursday 21st April

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It's my birthday today and the smart money were kind enough to give me a present! Took a buy on Cable for 32 pips.

Trade 32 - GBP/USD - Buy @ 1.6553 - Closed @ 1.6585 = +32 

Cable 5min

It is sometimes possible to use triggers that aren't on the highest volume bar. This is an example of that. I took my trigger off the bar marked with the 1's. This was the highest volume bar in that PA area and it stood out well above the surrounding bars whilst not being the highest of the day (but pretty close!)

There was a perfect test and entered on the high of this bar. It triggered immediately on the following bar. Went through a bit of a retrace but this was only to test the trigger bar again (Test 2)

The third test I've highlighted was the final push to get me to the profit target. This tested the highest volume of the day shown on the left of the chart and marked with the number 2. Chart is a little messy as I left all the trigger lines in through out the course of the day. Hope this is clear.





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