Thursday 14th & Friday 15th

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I took one trade on Thursday and three trades on Friday. Thursday's trade was a win. Friday was two losses and a win. After seven trades this week I finished -0.85%. Not as bad as the week before but still not good enough.


EU Buy

Friday in order;

EU Sell 1

First attempt at selling. Got in a bit early.

EU Sell 2

Once price bounced from where I was stopped it came back down and produced another sell signal which too me to the target.

EU Sell 3

Tried to sell again but was stopped out. Price fell again to a low of 1.1324 but there was no signal to get in this time.

I've plans to do some study next week.

I want to print out and look at every trade i've taken this year with this strategy and analyse the pros and cons to see if I can find a common thread through them all. The rights and the wrongs.

As well as this i'm planning on looking at a slightly higher time frame. A 5x3 15min P&F chart comes to mind. As can be seen from Friday's charts, I was ultimately right but my stops are too tight. I want to see if a higher time frame affords wider stops whilst still being able to hit targets.

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