April Roundup

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Until the last week of the month it had been a pretty up and down month. I was down 0.28% at the start of the last week. I unfortunately finished down 3.98%. I spoke about most of the trades in the last update. I took one further entry on Wednesday last week and didn't trade for Thursday and Friday as I was busy with other things.

The entry for Wednesday is below.


Bit annoyed with this one as I had the direction right but got in a little early before it finally pushed up. The entry can be seen in the green rectangle as usual. I've also highlighted the initial stop position and where I subsequently moved my stop. Lost 0.7% on this trade as a result of moving my stop. It would've been a full stop otherwise.

A third of the year is gone now and I can't help but feel that this has put the yearly target a bit out of reach. I'm still going to give it my absolute all to get there but we'll have to see how it goes.

May is going to consist of stamping out the inconsistencies. Stop the self sabotage and stick to the plan. April could've looked a whole lot better if i'd done this. I want to come to the end of May completely happy with my trading and feeling like i've achieved what I set out to.

Have a good weekend everyone,





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