It's Been A While!

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For those of you wondering, I didn't disappear off travelling again! Although it's always a tempting thought. I've been busy working on the scalping strategy I mentioned the last time I posted. Whilst it hasn't been brilliant, I am finding it incredibly promising. I think i'll be fine tuning until the end of the summer months and perhaps going live (risking 1%) on my new account at the start of September.

Which leads me to my next point, i've finally had enough of Finspreads Spread Betting, taken the plunge and moved to a "real" trading account. After a bit of research and recommendations from friends I decided to go with an ECN broker called IC Markets who are based in Australia. Tiny spreads are always an attraction - especially when scalping - but it was their Trade Terminal EA that won me over. Giving me the ability to fine tune my trades based on percentage risk / monetary risk and many other options. I liked how easy it is to place a trade without having to work out required lot sizes myself.

So that's pretty much all my news for now, hope you're all keeping well and most importantly, trading well.





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