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The return of the wordle!

For all of you attentive readers out there, i'm still around, just about!

My ISP seems to be doing everything in their power to make sure I don't trade. Our broadband was down for just over five weeks since the last time I posted and only came back as of a week or so ago. I just haven't got around to posting since.

I'm backing trading again and working on a PnF scalping strategy that i'm very much excited about. I'll be running it alongside the longer term PnF stuff that i've been posting about more recently. It seems to have been a bit quiet lately. Not very usual for this time of year is it? Feels a bit like summer trading. As always, i'll still be incorporating VSA into the mix.

Come to think of it, that's pretty much all I have for an update. I might post some charts soon but to be honest at the moment i'm a bit more concentrated on nailing down this strategy than posting a whole lot of updates.

With regards to the new strategy i'm working on, i'm feeling great about it. Not "great" like the other strategies, but something much, much better. This feels...different. If that makes any sense?

It appears to be suited to my style as a trader and whilst it's really early days in the grand scheme of my trading career, i'm seeing opportunities really frequently. Whilst every trader understands the need to keep emotions in check, i'd go as far as to say i'm allowing myself to get a little excited about it.

Hang in there, it's gonna get interesting around here!



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