Cleaning Out the Cobwebs

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"Who the fuck is KinsaleForex?!" I hear you scream in unison. Well, maybe two of you.

Yes, I do still exist.

I'm back with a change of account and ready to go. Took my first live trade with the new account last Friday. Got started a little later in September than expected but it's nice to move off demo and get up and running again.

With the move away from spread betting and on to lot based trading using MT4 it has allowed me to make use of Myfxbook. The multiple diaries I have for logging my trades have now become a little redundant as Myfxbook does most if not all of the work for me. I decided i'd start using the diaries to write down my thoughts on the pairs each morning before I got started. It has since occurred to me that I don't have enough space on one page in a diary to write all my thoughts.

So i'm back, and for the foreseeable future that is what i'll be using the blog for. Thoughts on volume, projected targets with the PnF, higher timeframes, lower timeframes, my PnF scalping and, of course, a combination of all the above.

I'm excited to fall back into it again!



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