Like I Said, Sporadic

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Firstly, happy new year to everyone that passes through here. I hope it is a profitable year for everyone!

I did say in the last post that I wouldn't be contributing very much to this page but after reading a post by +Trin Café I was inspired to write this and let people know what's going on with me, outside of trading. (Ok, there's some trading chat as well...)

Since my last entry I haven't done a whole lot when it comes to trading. In fact, i've barely looked at a chart. I had my P&F charts nicely up to date at the time of posting but they've fallen behind again. Having said this, I updated them after being away for four plus months. So what's another month? Shouldn't take me too long.

It's been a crazy few weeks that's for sure. I won't be going into too much detail but it was good to get over to the UK to visit friends and to spend Christmas with family that I hadn't seen in a very long time. Too long.

I was back in Ireland for New Years Eve, which passed messily but memorably. I had a good night anyway!

As far as trading is concerned, i'm not completely sure what my approach is at the moment. I'm not really in the right frame of mind for it, i'm happier recognising that fact and not pushing on instead of sitting there potentially losing money and more importantly interest.

I haven't got around to posting the results for 2013. I did actually take one trade around the time of the last post so i'll get that page up in the next few days hopefully.

Before heading off on my trip I alluded to having a lot of ideas and things I wanted to implement for my trading. This is still very much the case and I did get in touch with a programmer to begin the process but this seems to have ground to a stop for a multitude of reasons. Time zones, internet connections, Christmas away, money and so on and so forth. The dust is just beginning to settle after the Christmas period so I can hopefully get back in touch with him and push on with what we had planned. In fact, I'll drop him an email once I've finished this post.

With all this in mind, there's a job opportunity coming up in the UK that i'm interested in pursuing. This will definitely put trading on the back burner for a while. Or, at the very least change my style to trading much longer time frames. I'll never stop trading or looking at charts, I just won't be as active as I have been over the past few years. It has reached the time that I'm not making enough progress with trading that I need to get a decent career behind me. If not only for a fail safe. Either way, i'm excited about the job prospect so i'm looking forward to getting started with that. I'm not entirely sure when it's going to happen but i'm sure i'll mention it here when it does.

I well and truly have the travel bug. Which is probably contributing to being unsettled and not being able to sit down at a computer for too long now that i'm back home in Ireland. With this job opportunity on the horizon there's a distinct chance the money made will be put towards some more travelling. Who knows?!

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