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Firstly, I've been fiddling with the blog a little bit over the last couple of days. The first change I made was to put all the results from previous years into a drop down menu as the bar was starting to fill up a bit too much!

Secondly, i've uploaded charts for last year.

Thirdly, i've used the Google Code Playground to make the pie charts all pretty and interactive! So have a play and let me know what you think.

There's one more change i'd like to make to the blog that I just can't get my head around. So if anyone has some decent coding knowledge, give me a shout. I'm more of a trial and error coder!

Funnily enough, playing with the blog and making those pie charts has kindled an interest in my actual trading charts and progress again. 

Stay tuned!



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  1. First, welcome back from your trip!
    What's the additional change you want to make - you don't describe it so not sure I can help with coding or not...
    Finally, like the Results pie charts but they are meaningless without knowing the net avg. dollar(or euro) PL of wins and losses. Or maybe I missed something?

  2. Thanks for the welcome! I meant to touch on that in my post but forgot, i'm getting some excel sheets together in Google Drive that i'll be linking to from each page to illustrate earnings. (Or lack there of!) Just haven't quite finished tidying them up yet.

    As for the coding issue, your comment has thrown me a bit. I'll do my best to explain. If you see the social links on the left at the top of each post and the number at the bottom. The number represents the amount of comments. It's set up to grab a number from the blogger comment form. As i'm using Disqus comments it doesn't recognise the amount of comments. Like in this post where you commented before I went away - so what I want to do is get it to grab the number of comments from the Disqus form instead of the Blogger form.

    But strangely, your comment on this post is registering a number 1. Which I think means you've somehow managed to comment on the blogger form instead of Disqus. If that makes sense. Did you post from the mobile site?

    Bit confused now!

  3. Hmm that does sound a bit convoluted, strange you needed two signins. Still though, it's much better than the IntenseDebate comment thing I used to use. I've noticed Disqus is popular on blogs all over the net, apart from most of the traders I follow!

    I'm well versed in changing templates at this stage, trying to get this one working fully and stick with it! It's my favourite so far any way!