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I didn't get around to posting this over the weekend as I was busy with other things. I got some back testing done on Saturday morning, was working Saturday night and Sunday morning then headed to the gym yesterday evening. It's great to be back in the gym again, even if I am a little sore from the last couple of days!

Anyway, on to the chart and follow up to my last post. Not a lot to add really. I mentioned that I had moved my stop above the last three box reversal at 1.3060. This was hit after the NFP announcement on Friday. I held a little too long thinking the downside target at 1.2970 was still on the cards. In retrospect the big round number and high volume zone low at 1.3000 was enough support to provide a bounce. A little more awareness of this fact and I could have perhaps closed out before NFP. But then, we never know what those announcements are going to do. Ifs, buts and maybes.

 EUR/USD 1hr PnF

I'm happy with the trade and entry I just need to look into managing them a bit better. That can be worked on. It was this type of trade I was looking into and back testing over the weekend. I hope to get some more done today before work.



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