A Bit Quiet Around Here

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I've not been posting as much on here since the start of the year. I am of course still trading but i'm putting my time into actually doing that instead of being hell bent on a blog update every day. Still, I like to ramble on from time to time so here I am again!

I took a short on EUR/USD yesterday, point and figure and volume zone orientated as has been the case lately. Yesterday's sell was a triple bottom break at the high of the widespread 1hr zone from Friday. It was going well until a quick up move this morning hit my stop for a small profit. A win nonetheless.

I'm now short again as we've come back down and triggered another triple bottom break. It's right at the low of the hvz, which is a bit of a contentious area as it has been respected well, but it's a signal i'm not going to pass up.




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