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Had a dose of the flu and was in bed for the past couple of days, hence the tumble weed around here. Monday was quiet with the bank holiday and we've been ranging quite a bit (on EU at least) for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Took a long earlier today, a staggered triple top with an entry at 3360, so far it has moved 30 pips in my favour to 3390 and we haven't printed a reversal to 3360 from this high. I took this long entry as a break of the shaded 1hr zone. There is some clear resistance to the left as well as a psych number at 3400. I'd like to see these breached tomorrow or over night. I also wouldn't mind a small three box reversal before the move up. That way I can tighten my stop a little from it's current position. But that's all looking ahead, we'll see how it goes!




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