Last Couple of Days

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Wednesday 26th;

EUR/USD 15min

Took this entry and got stopped out on Wednesday. I had my signs to get out of the trade, namely the upthrust not long after the NS entry and a huge upthrust on the hourly. But I decided to stick with my trade and let it run it's course. I'll post the hourly chart in a minute. 

For now i'd like to post a chart from HiddenGap who was kind enough to annotate a chart for me, showing what he sees around my trade area. Hope he doesn't mind me posting. 

HiddenGap 15min EU

Thursday 27th;

I tried another long position yesterday, with much the same outcome, but this time I managed it a little better. This one is a bit of a mixed bag. Generally speaking, the set up was much better than the one on Wednesday in that there was proven strength below us and the new 15min zone was into the top of this, volume at volume. The trade I took Wednesday was in the wrong place.

EUR/USD 15min

EUR/USD 5min

Now, I understand there are a few "wouldas" on the chart, but i'm just trying to tell it like it was. Had I left the trade and walked away from the screen it ultimately would've been another loss. So with this in mind i'm happy that I managed it and closed it where I did. Another 2 pips north and i'd be saying "I should've let it run and it would've hit the target" 

But I digress.

The reason for closing the trade is highlighted in the hourly chart below. Two upthrusts are marked. The one on Wednesday that should've made me close the trade and the one yesterday that did make me close the trade.


I can't find any decent entry for the up move yesterday evening to where we are now. It also looks like we've had a small bit of weakness come back into the market with another hourly upthrust and some nice high volume on the 15min chart at today's high.

Thanks for reading if you got this far!



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