Holiday Return

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I was back from Portugal at the end of August but have been quite busy since returning. Hence the lack of posts.

First things first, the holiday was great! It was a long time coming and by the time we got past the Ryanair delays and baggage handlers crashing into the plane and causing further delays it was great to get away. The weather has been particularly crap this summer in Ireland so a week of blistering 30° heat (celsius for all the US readers!) was just perfect. Late nights, late mornings, eating and drinking. Pity it was only a week to be honest! Through a combination of myself and poor connectivity I didn't look at any charts whilst I was away - and I was quite happy to do that. The only trading related thing I did was start reading a book called "The Art of Contrary Thinking" by Humphrey B. Neill. Despite it being one of the worst edited books i've ever come across with spelling mistakes, missing words, missing sentences/paragraphs and html code where there should be apostrophes it's a really good read. In fact, I was enjoying reading it whilst away and lying on the beach or by the pool but I haven't touched it since I got back.

I mentioned I was busy since getting back. It's all change back home and without getting into too much detail, i've been looking for an apartment. Finally got one sorted for a nine month lease before I go travelling next summer around June / July. 

I've also been working away with the back testing. I completed 2008 and 2009 before going on holiday and so far i've completed up to the end of September 2010 since coming back. I can't be bothered doing an individual post for each month as it just clutters up the place.

I'm looking forward to getting back to live trading. I've been keeping an eye on the live charts and they've certainly been moving better now that August is over and done with. But first I must complete the back testing before I start getting too far ahead of myself. 





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