Birthdays and Illness

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I was busy towards the end of last week as it was my girlfriends birthday and we had tickets to see a band called Frightened Rabbit. The day after that started a few days with the flu. So i've not been doing a lot for the past few days. Working, PS3 and feeling sorry for myself!

Looks like the year so far finally caught up with me. I'll also blame the lack of good weather in Ireland as well. Time to start looking after myself a little better. I'm moving into a new apartment on the 24th so i'll be on my own then. Must look into getting back into the gym and improving my eating. I eat pretty well but could do with cutting out a few things. (i'm typing this with sticky chocolate fingers....)

Anywho, that's where i've been. Hopefully get an early night tonight and start testing 2011 for the rest of next week.

I feel completely out of touch with the markets at the moment so I could do with revisiting August and all of September this year to get a feel for what has gone on. I looked at the charts on Friday and saw the live market up at 1.31xx and thought I was looking at my back test charts. 900 pips seems to have passed quite quickly!



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