Tuesday 31st July

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Ended July on a sour note with a 1% loss on a EUR/USD sell yesterday.

EUR/USD 15min

A. Highest volume from Monday.
B. Highest volume Tuesday morning, took my trade from this zone.
C. Highest volume from Tuesday.

We got a nice bounce from the high of A in the morning and pushed up from here. Some high volume came in at B with a nice low close, the next two bars are down on the 15min showing some weakness. Within these down bars there was a ND on the 5min chart. I shorted the low of this and set my target for 2269. Which it missed by 4 pips.

EUR/USD 5min

Once it started to push back up I decided to close the trade, which resulted in a loss of 1.14%. I'm glad I closed it where I did as it would've been a full 2% loss otherwise.

I'll post graphs and progress in the next post.





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