Back Test - Week 1

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4th December 2007 - 7th December 2007 

EUR/USD 15min

EUR/USD 5min

This trade is from the 4th December 2007. It's the only set up I saw for that week and it was quite a nice run.

I've noted on the 5min chart that it would have been stopped over night at the 2:1 mark. Once price had reached the 3:1 line, my stop would've been moved to 2:1. What I haven't taken into account is time of day. I really doubt I would have let it run over night and would have probably closed before bed. Which means it was around 3:1 or so. 

Anyway, i'm not going to worry about it too much. At the moment I'm more interested in the entries and whether my strategy gets me into good trades.

I've been working through to the end of December but not seeing much else. Going to pick up in January 2008 again.



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