Tuesday 8th February

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Unfortunately I had a losing trade on Swissy today. At first I thought it was a really good set up but evidently turned out not to be. As highlighted on the 1hr chart there was a high volume up bar around a previous area of resistance. I then sold on a no demand on the 20min as usual. The bar prior to this was where the strength came in and i unfortunately failed to notice this. A little trigger happy perhaps. A tad annoying to be brought into the trade and then the other way but I guess it's all a learning experience! The initial target was 41pips so I didn't lose the full 3% on it.

Trade 11 - USD/CHF (Swissy) - Sell @ 0.9567 -  Closed @ 0.9599 = -32

Swissy 1hr

Swissy 20min



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