Tuesday 22nd February

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Another winning trade today on Eddie for 55pips and 3% onto the account. I saw an ultra high volume down bar on the hourly chart and switched to the 20min chart for my entry. On the 20min chart i've highlighted three possible places to enter the trade. I actually missed the first one as I was still in bed! The second one which I entered on closed at 10am and I set the order. It triggered half an hour later and the trade was done in about another 15 - 20minutes. Very quick trade.

Once again, if i had let the trade run I could have gained around 6% from it. Even after the first trade had closed I could have entered again based on the lack of volume as highlighted on the third no supply / test on the 20min chart but I missed it.

Despite not letting it run I was delighted to make the 3% today and my account is starting to look healthy again. Looking forward to the next 3 days trading :)



Trade 15 - EUR/USD (Eddie) - Buy @ 1.3577 -  Closed @ 1.3632 = +55

Eddie 1hr

Eddie 20min



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