It's a Slow Morning

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Thought i'd drop by and have a look at my failed attempt to keep up regular blogging.

Writing in a diary.
Posting on forums.

All of which haven't really happened.

So the latest thing is Evernote. I've been keeping to this reasonably well for the past two weeks. Writing notes on five different pairs each morning, drilling down from a Daily to a 4h, to a 1h and then on to some P&F charts. I quite like doing this and so far it's giving me a good overview of the market before I start each day. I've even improved my mornings. Getting up earlier and starting my day at a reasonable time has certainly refreshed me.

Having said that, my trading hasn't been very good at all. If any of you have clicked the MyFxBook link to the left, you'll see that my last post was essentially the peak and i've descended into drawdown since. Frustrating yes, but I still feel that my strategy is good. It just needs some better discipline on my part.

Hasn't that always been the key word?

Mornings like today don't really help.



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