Advantages of Switzerland?

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I quite like trading the currency pair as well!

Took one position this week, a short which I let run a bit longer than the usual 1:1 target and bagged 90 pips.


Price reversed on no demand and found some resistance at the 50% of the yellow zone. As the trend was very much down and accounting for the target at 0.9300 this was a nice position to take. Entered on the break of the triple bottom and set my target at 0.9300. Price went straight down and blew well through this target before settling over night and finding support around the high of the blue zone.

I mentioned this on Forex Factory before the fact but didn't actually trade it in the end as it all kicked off in and around the time of the NFP announcement. A bit suicidal to take a position when that announcement has come out. Glad to see I had the right idea though.

There's one more chart I'd like to post as a follow up to last week's Cable trade


Cable was messy this week but I find it interesting that I took a long last week and the exact place I got stopped happened to be the turning point for this week and up she went. Like I said, so close but so far! Leads me to think about my stop placement a little more anyway.

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