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This update was a little slow coming as I was busy towards the end of last week. I went up to see Biffy Clyro in Dublin on Thursday night. It was something like my 16th time seeing them over the course of about 10 years. I skipped the last tour but was really impressed with this one. Really enjoyed what was quite a varied set list considering they have six albums to choose from. They've come along way from playing in front of 20 people to pretty much selling out arena tours.

Whilst we were up in Dublin we took the time to get our vaccinations for out trip to South East Asia. My arms a still a little sore and that was last Thursday! I then spent a couple of days visiting my parents in Italy for Easter. A much needed break and a small respite from the cold in Ireland. Just a shame that it wasn't for a few days more. I'm back in work now and it's bloody freezing!

Moving on to last week, I took a short on GU on Tuesday which I held over night and closed on Wednesday for around 30pips.


I entered at 1.5150 as a staggered triple bottom signal was formed. My initial stop was at A at -60 pips. After a reversal I moved my stop to just above B. In keeping with my last couple of posts I was just aiming for 1:1. Unfortunately it didn't quite hit +60. Getting to around +50 at the low of C. I closed it as it retraced back up this column. It only really occurred to me now but once I had moved my stop to above B, should I then have settled with the equivalent target for 1:1? This would have been around 40pips. Something for me to look in to anyway. As it turned out, i'm glad I closed for 30pips as it would've meant a loss of 40 had I stuck to my original rules.

I'll post weekly / monthly updated charts in the next blog entry.





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