Trading Breakthrough

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For those of you that have Twitter accounts and are following me you may have recently noticed a new follow and a few tweets from an account called Trading Breakthrough.

On a couple of occasions in the past i've mentioned the work that my Dad has done in helping me to manage myself and my emotions whilst i'm trading. Through using many of these tools I have come a long way and am improving all the time from where I was when I started trading.

Over the past ten years or so my Dad has become interested in personal development and psychology and this has culminated in qualifications in NLP, EFT and more recently IEMT. He has now decided to pursue a new venture called Trading Breakthrough.

He has been blogging regularly at since the start of the year. I took my time making this post to ensure there was some content on the site and so that we could get the logo design and layout finalised. Both of which were completed today. (Wordpress is infinitely easier than Blogger!)

I'd really like if some (or even all!) of you could head over to the blog and have a read through, see if anything resonates with you and your experiences in trading to date. Comments and follows would also be appreciated as there is plenty more information to come. I'm sure all of you will find something of merit on the site as it talks about all the emotions and pitfalls that we go through as traders. More importantly it gives you the tools and methods for managing these emotions.

The logos and banners are by a good friend of mine - Niamh. We bugged her for a solid few weeks with changes and ideas and she came out on top with these logos! Please check out her site as well if you get the chance.

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